Thursday, November 28, 2013

In September I attended my first Inscribe Writer's Conference. I enjoyed it for a number of reasons but mostly because it spurred me on to get back to my writing and blogging. I've been writing more, mostly poetry which I am really enjoying. However, it took me until yesterday to truly figure out what to do with my blog. You see I was suddenly inundated with information on what makes a good blog, and I was almost embarrassed by my blog. So, I attempted to update it but still wasn't happy with it--there wasn't any unique perspective to it. Then last night it hit me. Well, the Holy Spirit gave me the idea while I was reading Eternity in Their Hearts by Don Richardson. I had read the book before I went overseas. Now it had a totally different meaning because I connected with his stories, his examples. Heck--I've LIVED with some of those examples. Then the idea hit me--why couldn't I write about that? About, how I see the world, especially the world I grew up in, after living away from it for 20 years. How do I see the world around me differently? In some instances, my change of viewpoint is drastic. In most instances, it's very subtle. Most of the time I don't even notice it unless I make a conscious effort to think about it.

I realized that, like my children, I also "grew up (not physically but mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually)" in a cross-cultural setting. So why is there no term for someone like me? Thus, I coined a term: TCA--Third Culture Adult. That's me. I like the term. I like who I am. I like how I see the world because what I've learned, I've learned through living a life of faith in my Father God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. How exciting and beautiful is that!

Here is my disclaimer: In no way am I unique in being a TCA. I know there are many of you out there. I am just simply writing about it from my perspective.