Thursday, February 4, 2010

English 381

Well, I am finally getting to the course I signed up for through Athabasca University: English 381--Creative Writing in Prose. And I'm LOVING it, although it IS work. It requires 5 short story assignments of which I have just finished the first (see link if you're interested). On to the second---my problem is that I have so many ideas running through my head I don't know which to choose.

However, I have discovered something about myself and where BEST to find and hone down topics, threads of stories and even sentences for my stories. They come from God. Sounds simple enough. But no kidding, when I'm worshipping God whether through music at church or at home or even in the car, through the reading of His Word, or during a Bible study or when I'm helping someone in need--THAT'S when the Holy Spirit brings an idea to my head. It is WAAAAAAY cool. I am in AWE of God and why He would even choose to minister to me and answer my creative cries in this way. Simply in awe that He cares--but He does. And so I choose to honour and affirm life through my words, even if it's just simply to lay at His feet. How could I do any less. He gives and I simply choose to give back.


Kimmy said...

Cool post, Connie. And yes, please e-mail me your story. I'd love to read it.

~Rain``` said...

Your zest for life is always an inspiration. Thanks for posting!